Cyber Security

This insurance is used to protect against claims arising from failure to protect private or confidential information of customers, prevent the transmission of computer viruses to customers, and [...]



Firms that have exposures outside the U.S., its territories and Canada, may need an International Liability policy to insure the firm from suits brought against them in foreign countries. Typical [...]



This coverage protects trustees, employers, fiduciaries, professional administrators, and the employee benefit plans for errors and omissions.

Products and Completed Operations


This coverage is used to insure against claims arising out of bodily injury and property damage that result from products you have sold, manufactured, handled, distributed or disposed of; or for [...]



Are you adequately covered to provide protection you need in the event of a liability loss? Losses could be well into the millions of dollars depending on the type of damage the injured party [...]



This policy covers business liability arising out of a pollution incident, meaning the emission of pollutants into or on land, the atmosphere, or water and causing environmental damage. The [...]



Provides liability coverage for businesses involved in manufacturing, distributing, selling or serving liquor.

Directors & Officers


Directors & Officers insurance provides protection and legal defense of directors, officers and certain other individuals associated with an organization that may be found legally liable for [...]

Employment Practices


Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI) provides coverage from liability arising out of claims for injury to an employee because of an employment-related offense, such as wrongful [...]

Professional/Errors & Omissions


This coverage is designed to protect professionals (e.g., accountants, attorneys) and quasi-professionals (e.g., real estate brokers, consultants) against liability incurred as a result of errors [...]

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