Executive Team

  • David Sheeran

    David N. Sheeran

    President of Meadowbrook Insurance Agency

    (248) 204-8544

    Dave Sheeran is President of Meadowbrook Insurance Agency. He has more than over 23 years of experience in the insurance and health and benefits industry. In addition to being a Group Benefits Consultant for small and large groups, he is also a Retirement Plan Specialist and has a Property/Casualty license.

  • Matthew McGrail

    Matthew McGrail

    Senior Vice President of Meadowbrook Insurance Agency Operations

    (248) 204-8005

    Matthew McGrail is the Senior Vice President of Agency Operations and is responsible for the Michigan Commercial Personal Lines divisions. His focus is on business development, carrier/market relationships, and operational effectiveness while growing overall agency revenue profitability.

  • Scott Hodgin

    Scott A. Hodgin

    Executive Vice President of Group Health & Benefits Solutions

    (248) 204-8248

    Scott Hodgin is Executive Vice President and Leader of the Agency Group Health and Benefits Solutions team. Scott also oversees a professional team of Account Managers and support staff that provides superior client service across all segments of Group Benefits.

  • Patrick L. Grace

    Patrick L. Grace

    President of Kleinschmidt Agency

    (248) 943-1761

    Patrick Grace is the President of the Kleinschmidt Insurance Agency in Ann Arbor, MI. He is responsible for the Ann Arbor team, providing both Personal and Commercial insurance products. Patrick also manages a significant commercial book of business as well.

  • Carolyn Rummel

    Carolyn Rummel

    President of Meadowbrook Insurance Agency – Sarasota

    (941) 308-7241

    Carolyn is the President of Meadowbrook Insurance Agency – Sarasota. Carolyn has more than 20+ years of strong agency management and leadership experience, with a solid track record of success. Carolyn is responsible for expanding our full-line agency presence within Florida’s marketplace.