Insurance For Wire Rope & Web Sling Businesses

Below The Hook Products: Web Sling, Roundsling, Wire Rope Sling, Synthetic Sling, Chain Sling, Mesh Sling, Cordage, Electric Chain Hoist, Tri-Flex Sling, High Capacity Wire Rope Slings, Pallet Lift, Multi-Part Sling, Eye & Eye Sling, Bridle Sling Insurance Program, Fabrication, Large Load Distribution, & Industrial Suppliers

Does your business have the right coverage?
If your business distributes or manufactures below the hook products, it is imperative to have the right coverage and controls to mitigate operational hazards. At Meadowbrook Insurance Agency, we have more than 30 years’ experience providing specialized insurance coverages to wire, rope and web sling businesses. We are dedicated to delivering the kind of customized service associated with the demands within your business. Our insurance coverage and package solutions include:

Insurance Coverages
–  Automobile
–  General Liability
–  Product Liability
–  Professional Liability
–  Property
–  Workers Compensation

Liability Coverages
–  Training
–  Repair
–  Proof Testing

Currently serving 20+ wire rope and web sling clients!

AAA Wire Rope & Splicing, Inc., All Material Handling, Inc., Denver Wire Rope and Supply, Inc, LAMCO Slings & Rigging, Inc., Linton Rigging Gear Supplies LLC

Patrick Grace is wonderful to work with, I am a “very satisfied client!”

Thomas Jones, Eastern Sling & Supply

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