Niche Markets

Below are some Niche programs that we have developed:

Contractors can be difficult to insure. The owner, architect, and all contractors in between want to be additional insureds. What is Hold Harmless? Why Primary and Non-Contributory? We recognize that your insurance agent should be a partner in assisting you to be successful in pricing your bids. We also provide full bonding capabilities.

Police and Fire Departments have exposure to the public. So do elected and appointed officials, from the water board to city hall. Meadowbrook specializes in meeting the insurance needs of the marketplace, allowing us to provide our clients with the highest level of service and the best programs available. Our expertise in alternative financing and special risk plans allow us to evaluate your specific insurance needs and customize an insurance program that provides the necessary coverage you require. At Meadowbrook, we customize plans for your entity’s unique needs.

Is unique in the insurance industry. You need to be properly covered, yet you also want to preserve your Tribal sovereignty. At Meadowbrook, we understand that Tribal sovereignty is always part of the decision making process. We have a large portfolio of Trial Nations insured through us and we understand what is at stake: sovereign immunity, Tribal jurisdiction and your unique culture. At Meadowbrook, we design insurance programs with these principles in mind.

Property management is the operation and management of commercial, industrial or residential real estate. While no two property managers are exactly the same, they have similar risk management needs. These needs should be evaluated and reviewed by an experienced insurance agency. Meadowbrook Insurance Agency has dealt with property managers of similar size and complexity.

Food service providers come in all shapes, sizes and specialties. While there may be similarities within that industry, we recognize that in many ways they are all unique. With this in mind we take the necessary time to develop a package of insurance coverage and risk management services that specifically address the needs of each valued client.

Serving multiple golf course clients provides with us with an acute understanding of the unique insurance and risk management needs of the industry. Our extensive golf course experience also means we have the knowledge and resources to meet your needs with the right insurance products and coverage.

The health care industry in general, and more specifically hospitals, have become a target market for our insurance coverage and risk management services. Everything from the basic lines of insurance that all businesses must carry to the more specialized lines such as professional liability and medical malpractice.

Provides coverage for the acts, errors, and omissions of physicians and surgeons, encompassing physicians professional liability insurance, hospital professional liability insurance, and allied health care (e.g., nurses) professional liability insurance. Although the majority of policies are written with a claims-made coverage trigger, such coverage can be available on an occurrences basis.

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