Executive Team

David N. SheeranCPA

President | Meadowbrook Insurance Agency Operations
(248) 204-8544
[email protected]

David is the President of Meadowbrook Insurance Agency – Southfield. In this capacity, his responsibilities include negotiation of terms, conditions and coverage for each of the agency’s commercial clients, maintaining the agency’s credibility with carrier markets, and providing technical support to the agency’s producers.

Matthew McGrailCPCU, ARM

Senior Vice President | Meadowbrook Insurance Agency Operations
(248) 204-8005
[email protected]

Matthew McGrail is the Senior Vice President of Agency Operations and is responsible for the Michigan Commercial Personal Lines divisions. His focus is on business development, carrier/market relationships, and operational effectiveness while growing overall agency revenue profitability.

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Carolyn RummelCIC, CPIA, ANFI

President | Meadowbrook Insurance Agency – Sarasota
(941) 308-7241
[email protected]

Carolyn is the President of Meadowbrook Insurance Agency – Sarasota. Carolyn has more than 20+ years of strong agency management and leadership experience, with a solid track record of success. Carolyn is responsible for expanding our full-line agency presence within Florida’s marketplace.

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